Soomaaliya: Fursad Shaqo Mercy Corps – Lataliye Arrimaha Waxbarashada Dugsiyada Sare iyo

Soomaaliya: Fursad Shaqo Mercy Corps – Lataliye Arrimaha Waxbarashada Dugsiyada Sare iyo

Fursaddu waxay ku egtahay 17 May 2017. Faahfaahinta iyo arjida HALKAN RIIX.



Mercy Corps is seeking a consultant to conduct an assessment of 57 secondary schools at 55 schools across Somalia and Somaliland using a tool modified by Mercy Corps.

Somali Youth Leadership Initiative (SYLI)

SYLI is a 5-year USAID-funded education and youth program with the goal of increased education and civic participation opportunities for Somali youth to reduce instability in target areas. The program, which is in its final stages, is being implemented by Mercy Corps, an INGO with operations across Somalia. To achieve the program goals, the program has a series of integrated activities that will work toward three Intermediate Results:

  1. Fair and equitable basic education services (primary, secondary and non-formal education) improved for at least 45,489 Somali youth, community members, and education officials through classroom construction and rehabilitation, teacher training, capacity building of education officials and improved community engagement in education issues.
  2. At least 12,700 youth have improved literacy, numeracy and life skills through provision of non-formal education (NFE) and training of NFE teachers.
  3. 50,000 youth empowered to participate and contribute positively and productively to society through strengthening of youth groups and safe spaces for youth dialogue and support for youth-led advocacy efforts and community improvement projects


Application Process

Interested candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit their Expression of interest (EoI) as soon as possible with a deadline of May 17, 2017. The EoI should include:

  • CV (s) with details of qualifications, experience
  • Technical proposal which must cover: overall concept and approach, methodology and data collection techniques including ensuring data quality, data coding and data entry process, and field operational plan
  • The foreseen work plan and time frame for the days worked
  • Financial proposal with justification and explanation of any costs included

Mercy Corps will examine all EOIs to ensure that they contain no amendments to the terms or any other irregularities and/or errors. To assist in the examination and selection process, Mercy Corps may, at its discretion, assemble and establish a Review Committee. Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Technical Evaluation: The applications will first be evaluated on technical merits. The technical evaluation assesses the capacity of the applicant, based on its submitted technical documents, specifications, performance history, and references submitted. For this purpose, certificates and additional references may be requested and subsequently examined.

Financial/Cost Evaluation: The financial/cost evaluation is based on the cost of products and services presented in the application. The evaluation is intended to assess and confirm that applicants provide good value to Mercy Corps for the cost of all goods and/or services offered.Other Evaluations: After ranking applications and applicants according to technical and financial criteria, Mercy Corps may take into account other variables, including, but not limited to record of past performance, integrity, and social responsibility.


  • osmaan aden mohamd 7 years ago

    waxan isleeyahay masuulsare qalbi dhagax wax uu saameeya bulshada somaaliyeed waxaad umaleeysaa in eya umada somaaliyeed labaatankii sano aye ku jireen nabad iyo hormar sida aye urkaan qalbi dhaga waayo somaaliya bururkii aye so martay waxaa ku dhintay kumanaa

  • ismail 7 years ago

    lacagtii qaxootiga lasoo celeliye inter ka qaadanaa

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