Xamar, Kismayo, Beledweyne: Fursad UNSOS – Hawada iyo Duulista Soomaaliya

Xamar, Kismayo, Beledweyne: Fursad UNSOS – Hawada iyo Duulista Soomaaliya

Fursaddu waxay ku egtahay 22 Agoosto 2017. Faahfaahinta iyo habka arjida HALKAN RIIX oo hoos arag.


Org. Setting and Reporting

This Job Opening is to fill four vacancies within the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS). The Air Operations Assistant will be based in Mogadishu or in the field and reports to Air Operations Officer.


Within delegated authority, the Air Operations Assistant will carry out the following duties:

Air Operations Centre (Unit) duties:
• Plans and coordinates routine (regular passenger/cargo, logistics resupply) flights, special (casualty and medical evacuation, VIP) flights and military operational flights in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), UN directives, Department of Field Support (DFS) Aviation Manual, UN Aviation Standards for Air Transport Operations (UN AVSTADS), UN Aviation Safety Manual, ICAO standards and recommended practices and the host country’s Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs). • Reviews Air Mission Requests and proposes the most suitable air asset(s) to be assigned to a task to achieve the maximum safety, cost efficiency and effectiveness in the mission support. • Compiles the daily projected Air Tasking Orders (ATOs) in accordance with the requested tasks; publishes and communicates ATOs to all relevant elements in accordance with the established procedures and deadlines. • Coordinates the integrated search and rescue operations for UN air assets and other aircraft upon request. • Coordinates diplomatic over flight/landing clearances, ground handling support and hotel accommodation/meal/transportation arrangements for aircrews. 

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