Garoowe: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Sarkaal ICT (National Position)

Garoowe: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Sarkaal ICT (National Position)

Fursaddu waxay ku egtahay 10 Luulyo 2017. Faahfaahinta shaqada HALKAN RIIX deedna araga midig kore iyo qaybta arjida meesha ay ku qorantahay “Apply for position.”


ICT Officer – Puntland, Garowe (National Position) – Somalia

Job description

Generic Responsibilities

Ensure adherence with NRC policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines
Implement delegated support function portfolio according to plan of action
Prepare and develop status reports as required by management
Ensure proper filing of documents
Promote and share ideas for improvement of the support function

Specific Responsibilities

Provide technical advisory services in relation to new or appropriate technology and options that are relevant to the office
Provide help desk support to all users on ICT issues.
Ensure all staff adhere to ICT related guidelines, procedures and standards
Provide technical advice on various ICT related guidelines, procedures and standards, contribute to the formulation of these guidelines as needed
Plan for network upgrades, expansions and replacements by overseeing their systematic needs assessment and specification.
Identify and assess area ICT equipment needs and provide recommendation based on the needs assessment in collaboration with various departments.
Participate in the procurement process including providing specifications, tender opening process, inspection and approval on delivery.
Ensure that network access privileges, application and data storage requirement and regular backups are configured and maintained
Provide ICT technical support to the field sub offices to ensure respective network optimum performance.
Schedule regular computer-related service, maintenance and license renewals
Develop and update a harmonized data disaster recovery plan and implement when appropriate
Define, deploy and maintain system security for shared services
Ensure installation and maintenance of protection services (Anti-viruses and firewalls) for the entire office setup
Undertake regular backup of office data and keep securely outside office.
Maintain regular contact with the regional office ICT section in Nairobi for feedback and support on the performance of the network operations to ensure optimum performance
Assist in media needs and in designing visibility materials.
Assign duties, supervise and appraise the work direct reporting staff.
Any other tasks assigned by supervisor.


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