Somalia joins the EAC: Assessing Somalia’s preparedness

Somalia joins the EAC: Assessing Somalia’s preparedness

The potential joining of Somalia to the East African Community (EAC) has sparked debates and discussions surrounding the country’s level of preparedness. This article aims to explore Somalia’s current state of readiness, considering factors such as productive capacity, societal knowledge, and the potential risks and benefits associated with this move.

Productive Capacity

One of the key aspects to evaluate before joining the EAC is Somalia’s productive capacity. This includes assessing the country’s ability to contribute to the regional economy and compete with other member states. Factors such as agricultural output, industrial development, and export potential should be thoroughly examined.

Additionally, the availability of infrastructure, technology, and skilled labor should be considered to determine Somalia’s readiness to integrate into the EAC’s economic framework.

Knowledge and Skills

The knowledge and skills possessed by the Somali population play a crucial role in the successful integration into the EAC. Assessing the educational system, vocational training programs, and the overall level of expertise within the country are essential. Identifying areas where capacity
building is needed is vital for Somalia to fully benefit from the opportunities provided by the EAC.

Additionally, promoting knowledge exchange and fostering collaboration among member states can help
address any existing skill gaps.

Benefits and Risks

Conducting thorough research on the potential benefits and risks associated with Somalia’s inclusion in the EAC is essential. Benefits may include increased access to regional markets, investment opportunities, technological advancements, and enhanced political stability. Conversely, risks such as increased competition, trade imbalances, and potential disruption to local industries should also be carefully considered.

Analyzing these factors will provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential impact of joining the EAC.


By conducting thorough research and promoting capacity building initiatives, Somalia can maximize the advantages of joining the EAC while mitigating any potential challenges. Ultimately, the successful integration of Somalia into the EAC will contribute to regional development and pave the way for a prosperous future.

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