Rallies unravel Somaliland as Burco opposes Muse Bihi’s war in Laascaanood

Rallies unravel Somaliland as Burco opposes Muse Bihi’s war in Laascaanood

A Somaliland government organized rally in Burco to support the war in Laascaanood failed tonight, as more Burco youth opposing the war showed up for the rally. Youth of Burco shouting “we don’t want war with our brothers in Laascaanood” filled Burco’s Square and overmatched the pro-government rally.

It is the second time in few days that a government organized rally in a major Somaliland city fails, and online and in the streets of major Somaliland cities, it is becoming more clear that the public have lost trust in President Muse Bihi and Somaliland.

In Hargeisa just few days ago, a pro-government rally was chased away by local youth of mostly the Garxajis clan, the largest and most dominant clan in Somaliland, where Muse Bihi has waged a deadly but silent war against the clan.

Similar to Hargeisa, the counter-government rally was organized online and in the streets of Burco by the youth of Garxajis, the dominat clan also in Burco.

In Borama, the Awdal region of the Samaroon clan, a Blue Revolution similar to that of Laascaanood is on the rise, and small anti-government rallies advocating for the establishment of Awdal Federal Member State are gaining strength daily, forcing President Bihi to send his Vice President, Saylici who hails from the region, to Borama.

Awdal State, a Somali state in exile, was formed in Ottawa, Canada in 1991.

Stay tuned to Daljir Media, as war in Laascaanood unravels the fabric of Somaliland and the existence of Somaliland as an entity is called into question and comes under scrutiny.

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