Turmoil in Hargeisa as opposing clan demonstrations rock the city

Turmoil in Hargeisa as opposing clan demonstrations rock the city

The war in Laascaanood touched home in Hargeisa last night, as government organized rally to support the war in Laascaanood turned to a clan riot between two opposing camps, the Habar Awal camp (Heego) vs. the Garxajis camp.

As last night’s government organized rally, predominantly of president Muse Bihi’s clan members, went underway in ‘Independence Square’ or ‘Diyaaradda (the Airplane)’ as commonly referred to, the Garxajis online group discussions in Somalia, EU and North America went into high gear to oppose the rally, oppose the war, and paint Somaliland as an unjust sub-clan enclave of the Habar Awal sub-clan. Garxajis, the dominant Isaaq clan in Hargeisa and Somaliland in general, has been in a silent but deadly war with Muse Bihi administration throughout Somaliland, Hargeisa and Ceel Afweyn area in particular, where many Garxajis youth are reported to be either in Hargeisa jails or in Turkey or India hospitals with injuries suffered in Somaliland’s silent war against its own Garxajis clan.

As soon as the pro-government rally went into high gear, Garxajis youth, the dominant clan in Hargeisa, came from all corners of the city and interrupted the government organized rally. The Garxajis youth with Waddani flags and slogans outvoiced their opponents, and eventually broke out the rally and closed Square.

With little police presence in Hargeisa lately because of the war in Laascaanood, only few police vehicles showed up, but by then they pro-government rally organizers were over matched, on the run and the police stayed out of getting involved.

Today, Hargeisa is said to be in near turmoil, as fear of clan division enters a heightened state, and the city is feared to return to its heightened clannish past of ‘Daanta Bari & Koonfureed (the eastern & southern edge of Garxajis)’ and ‘Daanta Galbeed (the Western edge of Awal)’ where no clan crosses over to the other.

As clan tensions mount in Hargeisa and Borama, and Laascaanood remains on war footing, it is being reported that President Bihi is isolated in the State House with only few advisers from his close family members.

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