For the first time as the supreme ruler of Djibouti, on March 4th on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of his RPP party, President Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG) faltered in public, couldn’t finish his speech, kept repeating the same sentences, and reportedly couldn’t recognize people around him.

While it is well-known that IOG suffers many health related ailments, he was never seen in public in such a degenerative health condition, and the people of Djibouti are for the first time wondering about the health and mental agility of their president.

On March 4th, leaders and supporters of IOG’s RPP Party gathered in Djibouti at the House of the Nation to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the RPP Party. It was supposed to be a nationally televised all day event with huge public celebrations. However, the event was neither televised nor were there any celebrations. And so far, there has been no public information as to what prevailed at the House of the Nation for the few hours the event lasted.

Based on past years’ activities, the RPP event used to discuss the issues of the country and party leadership politics, but the whole event started and ended with an incoherent speech by President Ismail Omar Guelleh, where eventually the event had to be concluded.

What is more interesting is that the anniversary event was advertised as an extraordinary party meeting, where the future of the party will be discussed and its successes showcased. It never happened.

So, everyone is asking what happened on March the 4th at the House of the Nation? And it isn’t the public only that is very concerned about these latest events, but party leaders are also wondering what happened and why the event was so suddenly concluded. One RPP insider told Daljir that “chaos and disorder reigned during the ceremony and no one seemed to be in charge.”

Another RPP party insider told Daljir that President Ismail Omar Guelleh refused to lead the discussions and also refused to provide instructions until chaos ensued and then everyone left within hours.

The party insider also told Daljir that the President wasn’t well and wasn’t aware of that he wasn’t well, as such, after the President started fumbling his speech and couldn’t recognize people around him, his protocol and security officers refused the president to continue on with his speech or lead further discussions.

Other party insiders and political analysts Daljir has reached out to explain what happened on March 4th have pointed out that the whole party leadership is now confused and no one is now in charge. One analyst added, “RPP leaders are in a state of despair and they have nothing to tell their supporters as no one knows what is going on with their leader, President Ismail Omar.”

As for supporters who have been glued to RTD television and radio broadcasts to learn anything about the event or the President’s state of health, nothing is so far forthcoming, with rumors that RTD and Djibouti radio were ordered not to broadcast anything related to the event or the President’s health.

With President Guelleh turning 77 years old and his health deteriorating combined with the lack of succession plans evident at the RPP’s 45th anniversary, it is becoming self evident that Djibouti has entered a period of political instability and power struggle.

The President hasn’t been lately seen in public, and political analysts are pointing out to some newspaper interviews alleged to be by President Guelleh as a cover up for his absence. “The President is in no condition to give an interview or be seen in public,” one insider told Daljir.

Daljir Media | Djibouti and Garoowe Staff Contributors


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