Breakdown of law and order accelerates in Somaliland

Breakdown of law and order accelerates in Somaliland

The war in Laascaanood combined with the failed gathering in Borama to support President Muse Bihi’s war in Sool, and the uprising of the Garxajis clan in Hargeisa, has brought Somaliland to its knees. With reduced police presence in Hargeisa because of the war in Sool, and President Muse Bihi’s lack of trust in others, the security of the city is now assumed by Col. Ahmed Muse, President Muse Bihi’s son.

Col. Ahmed, empowered as second in command to his father, is accused of employing security staff loyal to him and to his father, who kidnap, jail and torture anyone suspected of opposing his father’s policies, or even posting inflammatory words against President Bihi on social media.

As Daljir earlier reported, Sahra Ismail Harun, spokesperson of Waddani women’s wing, the opposition political party, is the latest to suffer Col. Ahmed’s wrath, where she was kidnapped near her home, taken to an undisclosed location, and where then it is alleged to have been tortured for hours and then thrown to the side of an empty road.

This morning, there is another turmoil brewing in Hargeisa at the CID center, where there are conflicting reports coming out, as to who has taken over the center. Some are pointing the finger to Col. Ahmed, the president’s son as the culprit, who fired on Commander Ina Guhaad, as he tried enter the center. Other reports are also claiming that undercover security officers have revolted against the Commander and have taken over the CID.

This revolt in Hargeisa today, even though it isn’t yet clear who is responsible, combined with major clan unrest and expected upheavals by the Garxajis and the Samaroon clans, is expected to further contribute to the accelerating breakdown of law and order in Hargeisa, Somaliland’s major city and economic lifeline.

Stay tuned to Daljir Media for further details on these latest developments in Hargeisa.

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