Burco: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Kalkaaliye Mashruuca Daryeelka & Sugnaanta Cuntada

Burco: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Kalkaaliye Mashruuca Daryeelka & Sugnaanta Cuntada

Fursaddaan hey’adda NRC waxa ay ku egtahay 3 Janaayo 2018. Faahfaahinta iyo habka arjida hoos araga ama HALKAN RIIX.


Food Security & Livelihood Project Assistant – Burco (National Position) – Somalia

Job description

Specific responsibilities
These responsibilities shall be adapted to the particularities of the job location and context, phase of operation, strategic focus and type of programme intervention. This section shall be revised whenever a new employee is hired or the context changes significantly.
1. Assist in stakeholder sensitisation of project(s).
2. Ensure communities are mobilized and information about the project(s) is shared before project start.
3. Participate in the beneficiaries’ identification, verification, selection and registration in the project area.
4. Ensure that all the registered beneficiaries receive all the assistance due to them timely.
5. Lead in conducting regular meetings with target beneficiaries, community committee members and local leadership.
6. Ensure that output data and reports are shared with the supervisor timely.
7. Lead in the collection of baseline, post distribution and endline data/information.
8. Ensure that regular meetings are held with stakeholders; beneficiaries, non-beneficiaries and community committee members to discuss project progress and challenges etc.
9. Participate in the implementation of the plan of action, review achievement and constraints, and provide feedback accordingly
10. Assist the project staff and partners in encouraging and sensitizing public opinion on Protection issues and Rights focused activities
11. Conduct field visits and interviews with target beneficiaries to map the unmet needs, and identify any other significant issues to be reported as appropriate
12. Receive and maintain information from IDPs coming to the NRC office and report their requests
13. Participate in weekly market price monitoring and monthly project outputs and outcomes monitoring
14. Keep track of the distribution of inputs, cash/vouchers and training activities.