QUESTS-MIDA – Ma tahay Xirfadle Shaqo-raadis ah?

QUESTS-MIDA – Ma tahay Xirfadle Shaqo-raadis ah?

QUESTS-MIDA – Ma tahay Xirfadle shaqo-raadis ah? Haddii haah, hoos ka baar fursado bannaan:

MIDA – Who We Are: The platform known in the International Organization for Migration (IOM) parlance as Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) is a holistic approach to development programming that provides durable solutions to governments in need by using the country’s diaspora as the primary instrument. The Programme which comes under the Labour Mobility and Human Development Division is so flexible that it works well at all levels of government. MIDA can be calibrated to provide solutions wherever gaps are needed to be filled. In many cases, MIDA serves as a component of a broader development scheme. MIDA complements key partners’ broader development strategies by providing support to the social and economic advancement of developing countries, to foster their national human resource development and to counter the negative effects of “brain drain” by encouraging “brain circulation” instead.


  • Samiro 2 weeks

    I am medical Doctor
    I have public health certificate
    I have Experiance of manager 
    I am orator becouse i am good lecturer
    I live in mogadishu
    I want a job 

  • ibrahim adan 2 weeks

    need job from Iom offivers mogadisho
    somali /iam ibrahim adan Elmi from /nurses and
    pharmacists /tranlators me and my bather dr
    adam xuseen dha kindly give us job /
    contact us [email protected]

  • ahmed abdinaser 2 months

    waxan donyaa shqo wxn ahay ardy dhmysy jamcada kuliya ict wxn ku nolhay hargesia

  • ahmed 2 months

    i need jo

  • faysalshukri Elmi 3 months

    I need job from Iom offivers Hargeysa somaliland /iam faysalshukri Elmi from alpha university Hargeysa somaliland PHO/nurses and pharmacists /tranlators me and my wife dr Amina mohamoud yussuf kindly give us job /contact us [email protected]

  • Abwan Abdi raxman maxamed 4 months

    Abwaaan Ku wanagsan xayeysiinta sidoo kale wariye madax banaan