Kismayo: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Sarkaal Ammaanka

Kismayo: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Sarkaal Ammaanka

Fursaddu waxay ku egtahay 20 Agoosto 2017. Faahfaahinta hoos arag ama HALKAN RIIX oo arjida buuxi.


Security Officer – Kismayo (National Position) – Somalia

Job description

Ensure adherence with NRC policies, tools, handbooks and guidelines
Implement delegated support function portfolio according to plan of action
Prepare and develop status reports as required by management
Ensure proper filing of documents
Development and implementation of the NRC Security Management System at area level
Conduct Security Risk Analysis (SRA) according to minimum operational requirements (MOSS)
Minimize security risks to the operations of NRC
Management of security staff at area office
Communicate and cooperate with relevant external security actors
Train and develop staff in safety and security
Liaise with UN agencies NGOs/INSO and other external actors to gain security information and analysis in Kismayo and other part of Jubbaland
Conduct regular security risk assessment for all NRC Jubbaland and other operations areas in south central Somalia
Conduct regular testing of communication equipment e.g. Alarms, Radios
Ensure proper implementation of the safety and security policies, procedures and guidelines including evacuation, security audit drills.
Organize and facilitate staff evacuation in emergency situation or staff in critical medical condition
Provide regular training for the security staff.
Monitor the situation in Jubbaland and provide a weekly update to management and staff.
Provide a detailed and appropriate initial safety briefing to all newly arriving staff and visitors in Jubbaland including general safety policies and procedures, Monitor the changing environment, in South central Somalia and provide analysis on emerging trends and make recommendations on appropriate responses
Manage the flow of Security related information in a manner that protects information security principles and appropriately informs staff.
Operational supervision of guards at the Area Offices


  • hassan adan diriye 3 years ago

    my name is Hassan Adam Diriye am Kenyan surch for job to somalia am well educated finishing primary and secondary sch in gss county