Former minister Mohamoud Hashi leads the crocodile tears procession from Burco

Former minister Mohamoud Hashi leads the crocodile tears procession from Burco

Crocodile tears from the leading segments of Somaliland society are back in Burco and Jeegaanland, and former minister Mohamoud Hashi leads this procession that is just beginning. For those not in the know of the longstanding Jeegaan crocodile tears since the 50s, before you fall victim for these highly professional political games played by Hashi and his professional elites, and they do play these games better than anyone, please do your homework, or at least search up ‘before and after’ clips of Mohamoud Hashi since the Kalshaaale wars of 2009-2013. And if you are a bit overwhelmed to look that far back, look up the last six months of Somaliland encirclement of Laascaanood and their daily bombardment of the city, and what then Mohamoud Hashi, when he had the upper hand, had to say.

Meanwhile, a brief refresher course on Mohamoud Hashi. Mr. Hashi doesn’t believe in peace unless it suits his community. And peace suits him only when his back is against the wall. It suits when he has less of a room to maneuver. Peace buys him time to regroup and rearm.

This beauty of a trick has always worked for this elite of political professionals, so why wouldn’t it now? Ask the Garxajis political and clan leaders. Ask Garaad Jama Garaad Ali. Ask those with functional memory of how the highly professional ‘Jeegaan game’ is played. But whatever you do, please don’t fall for it. Mohamoud Hashi and his ilk are better at this political and clan game than you can even imagine.

Meanwhile, while clan history buffs do a ‘Jeegaan refresher course,’ let us replay and then translate some key takeaways of Mohamoud Hashi’s crocodile tears.

Firstly, for ease of understanding, we summarize some of Mr. Hashi’s key takeaways and then translate them into plain spoken language. Here we go:

  • Hashi: Sool need not have a war, and I was always against it. It needed a political skill to secure Somaliland borders and keep Sool safe and secure.

Translation: We made a mistake, but we need time to rectify that mistake, and believe me, I’m from Sool too; I’m one of you; and I very much care for you. And remember, we still need to get to the bottom of what just transpired in Sool, and a third party has to find out what really went wrong between us. I’m sure we can bring you back into the fold.

  • Hashi: Yes, you defeated us, but keep in mind, we have never colonized you, and we were always on good terms, and we can again be on good terms. Don’t ruin it, please.

Translation: Don’t dwell on our defeat, erase from your memory, and go on with your business as usual while we rearm, regroup and recover, and you drown in your success.

  • Hashi: The keys to peace in the region lie with Garoowe, Bossaso, Galkayo, and Laascaanood. Be grateful, and don’t lose sight of who is holding the keys to a lasting peace. Get rid of the “Jamaahiirta” trouble makers and return to your roots of peacemaking and being gentle with us.

Translation: You couldn’t win without the help of your kin and kith, but since you no longer need them, get rid of your revolutionaries and get busy with each other while we recover and rearm.

  • Hashi: When SNM got control of northern Somalia, we saved your Daarood captives, and similarly, today, we expect you to release our prisoners as a sign of a peaceful gesture. In Kalshaale, I was against the war, but I was ignored, just as I was ignored in the Sool war. It isn’t, and it never was our fault.

Translation: Forget the Kalshaale massacre we have undertaken. Forget the 4 years of hell we put you through in Buuhoodle and Kalshaale. Don’t do as we did, and release the commanders you have as captives and as many people as you can, no matter what heinous and crimes against humanity they have committed. Prisoner General Ahmed Abdi Bootaan and other high-ranking commanders you are holding aren’t really war criminals. They loved the people of Sool. They would have never hurt you. I know that for a fact. So please release them as a sign of goodwill and a gesture of peace, as we regroup and rearm.

For the highly educated, clan-less, and peace loving Somalis in the diaspora, ‘Jeegaan political games’ are realpolitik and they are above your paygrades, please don’t get confused, and don’t fall for it. Mr. Hashi and his team are experts at fooling and making you forget what had just prevailed.

If you have any doubts, just ask the Garxajis, who have been through these merciless clan manipulations since 1958 only to now realize that they have been had for 65 long years. Don’t fall for Mohamoud Hashi and his ilk. Look at Awdal. Look at Borama. They have been repeatedly told and, as such, mentally programmed that they are ‘peaceful and peace-loving people!’  What has that got them in return? You know the answer.

Again, Mr. Hashi and his highly capable team, to achieve their goals and objectives, are committed to lie, swear to God, manipulate, beg for mercy, and while at it also claim ‘Soomaalino’ they rejected just few minutes ago. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their short and long-term goals. Don’t fall for it. Let other professionals checkmate them for the first time.

Daljir Media | Contributed by Mohamed Ali in Laascaanood


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