What does it mean to support Somaliland?

What does it mean to support Somaliland?

Since the establishment of Somaliland in 1991, two Isaaq clans dominated the political and the military scene of Somaliland, the Baha Iidoor clan alliance of Habar Awal and Habar Jeclo clans (Jeegaanta in Somali). To date the Isaaq founded Somaliland continues to be an Isaaq dominated enclave.

Somaliland stands for clan supremacy and subjugation of any clan deemed to be of lesser power than the dominant clan. Abdirahman Ahmed Ali (Abdirahman Tuur), the first president of Somaliland, was so despised just for being from the Garxajis clan, the clan alliance got rid of him before his second anniversary in office. Since then, every Somaliland president was either of Baha Iidoor clan alliance or has pledged allegiance to the clan.

The clan supremacy ideology is a wide open secret for all to see. And for all intents and purposes, the enclave is a police state. Anyone who opposes is easily discarded, never to be heard of again.

For intra Isaaq clan supremacy, the dominant Baha Iidoor clan alliance tells the Garxajis not to dream too big or they should face the full wrath of the alliance. For Awdalites, the contempt for the Gedubuursi clan is so blatant, they are told what to do in public, and often shamed in public, as Muse Bihi has done it in Burco few days back to his preferred vice presidential candidate. Forget about roads and public projects for Awdal, Awdalies aren’t even included in local administrations, no police commissioner, no military commander, no customs officer, no judges, just foot soldiers, and most of them at the frontlines in Goojacadde. And if anyone complains, they will never be heard of again. Hence the exodus of Awdalites to Puntland and to south-central Somalia.

For the people of SSC, who suffered the most, let us remember the words of Mohamed Ahmed Dhakool, a former Somaliland MP from SSC:  “There isn’t a single person of the Isaaq clan who believes that the people of Samaroon (Gedobuursi clan), the Dhulbahante, the Isse, or the Warsangeli have any rights to their land. They believe the British has given them rights over their land. Former president Cigaal believed so, and told me so in person. So did Saleebaan Gaal, the Speaker of the House of Elders. They said move out of the land if you don’t want to be part of us. The land belongs to us, and you have no rights over the land.”

For the Garxajis, they knew what was coming, and the clan revolt is in full bloom. But why was the Garxajis, an Isaaq clan targeted? They were targeted for daring to hope for the presidency. In a very quiet war that has been raging since president Muse Bihi was elected, the Garxajis clan leaders, political leaders, and more importantly youth leaders were targeted, some killed, hundreds jailed, and hundreds wounded for daring to oppose the police state. Hundreds of Garxajis youth are now hospitalized in Ethiopia, India and Turkey.

Now, what does it mean to support Somaliland or even mention Somaliland whenever Somalia is mentioned, as the Danish Embassy has recently done or as the British often do?

It means they believe in the clan supremacy Somaliland practices. It means they support the subjugation of the people of the Garxajis clan.

It means they believe that the people of Awdal State don’t deserve justice and equality, and that the territory of Awdal doesn’t belong to the Gedubuursi and the Isse of Awdal State but to the ruling Baha Iidoor clan alliance of Somaliland. It means they support the people of Gedobuursi to serve as the cannon fodder of the clan enclave.

It means they believe that the people of SSC are expendable and Laascaanood should be demolished as long as the people of SSC are there, because it doesn’t belong to them, but to the dominant clan alliance of Somaliland. They believe that Laascaanood Hospitals should be demolished, because people of SSC don’t deserve healthcare. And similar to the clan enclave, they believe that land doesn’t belong to the people of SSC but to Baha Iidoor clan alliance.

And finally, it means that they believe Somalia too is expendable, and as such, should be broken into pieces, and the ownership of a piece called ‘Somaliland’ should be transferred to the Baha Iidoor clan alliance.

Daljir Media | Contributed to by Daljir staff in Laascaanood and Garoowe




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