President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud earlier today arrived Maxaas and met Ali Jayte, leader of Hiiraan State, but can the people of Somalia, people of Hiiran and Ali Jayte in particular, trust President Hassan Sheikh?

There are no details of the meeting as of yet, but a larger question looms: is President Hassan Sheikh trustworthy?

We hope he is, and no matter what Tweeter (X) warriors say about President Hassan or about each other, the Somali people should stand with their President and support our armed forces. We owe our support to them. We have to defeat al-Shabaab from the Golis mountains to the lush valleys of Juba. However, at first we need to trust our leader, the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, and our President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. Without trust, there is no relationship. With trust, President Hassan can lead and Somalia can defeat al-Shabaab.

With all of his first term faults, the Somali people trusted President Hassan and elected him for a second term, then lost trust in him once more, so can the President earn our trust one more time, just one more time?

However, to earn your trust, President Hassan Sheikh needs to honestly, a rare quality in President Hassan’s character, address the following questions:

    1. Why does President Hassan Sheikh’s Abgaal clan are hesitant to join the war on al-Shabaab in their own clan territories?
    2. With this last defeat still fresh on public memory, how can the leadership running the war be trusted again when they are taking selfies with Nuur Deeq Abdullahi Maalinguur, the butcher of Galkayo, and our national army is defeated merely because of lack of logistics, i.e., fuel, water, food, and lack of ammunition?
    3. Can the alleged former al-Shabaab informer and assassin turned TikToker, turned Minister of Defense and responsible for this last debacle be trusted to once again run the war?
    4. Can President Hassan Sheikh be trusted when he is talking on both sides of his mouth, where on one side he wants the Somali people to be patriots and support his policies, but on the other side, government jobs, contracts, and high government positions are reserved only for his family members, associates and friends, and when the president and his associates are daily accused of plundering public resources and public and private properties?
    5. When you are from Hiiraan and you remember that you received only ten thousand USD out of millions of USD funds allocated to the war, can you trust the same people who are once again running the same war?
    6. When you are from Puntland and your President, let alone send ammunition in Puntland’s war against Daacish and al-Shabaab on the Golis Mountains, threatens your very existence if you proceed with democratic elections, mind you Puntland elections are supported by over 85% of the people, will you trust your President?
    7. When you are from Puntland and your education funding by the EU is on the brink of being cut off because the President’s Minister of Education doesn’t believe in the law of the land and in federalism, would you trust President Hassan Sheikh and his cabinet members?
    8. If you are from SSC-KHATUMO and you know that you just defeated the army that President Hassan Sheikh tacitly supported, and then the President asks you to support his war on al-Shabaab, will you trust and stand with the President and support him with prayers, men and material?

With all that said, President Hassan Sheikh is back in Maxaas, Hiiraan, the same location that the President then with Ali Jayte in expelling al-Shabaab from Hiiran claimed ‘we will take our country back from al-Shabaab.’

Ali Jayte and his Xawaadle clan did indeed expel al-Shabaab from their clan territories; President’s Abgaal clan didn’t. Like it or not, these are facts, and the President has one final chance to be honest with the Somali people. It is a do or a political death for President Hassan Sheikh.

President Hassan Sheikh the choice is yours.

Daljir Media | SOMALIA


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