1. Project Rationale:

COVID-19 represents an unprecedented global emergency with numbers of cases continuing to soar, schools closing, and health services preoccupied with handling COVID-19 cases. Though the elderly and those with preexisting conditions are most vulnerable, adolescents and youth are also at risk of contracting and transmitting the coronavirus. Additionally, the closure of schools continues to impact education of adolescents and youth and fracture social networks. Disruptions to formal and informal work are creating new pressures on livelihoods including amongst youth. Such public health crises will also exacerbate existing vulnerabilities, access to care services, and inequalities, particularly for women and girls.

Puntland confirmed its first case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Garowe on April 15 and there are so far one death case and several admitted in quarantine centre and under investigation. The number of suspected COVID-19 cases in the PL region is currently low but things can change quickly in future as the virus spreads at a very rapid rate. The risk of the virus to spread in the region and other neighboring countries is considered very high based on the WHO risk assessment. The Puntland security and COVID-19 prevention committee has issued prevention measures to avoid the spread of Corona virus.  The government has imposed curfew and all public gathering areas including sports ground, tea shops and worship centers will be restricted. Similarly, all other public gatherings/ meetings and wedding ceremonies are restricted from 1st April 2020. The curfew and other restrictive measures imposed by the government may or may not be extended depending on the coronavirus situation in the region in the next two weeks.

Horn Vision NGO with funding from UNICEF has been implementing Youth UPSHIFT Livelihood programme in Puntlnad. Horn Vision will continues to  provide technical support to the program beneficiaries and the wider community to integrate COVID – 19 related interventions to the core program activities. These include; mentoring, follow up and monitoring support to the implementation of ongoing phase one UPSHIFT business initiatives by the trained 100 young people, this project also supports integrated Covid 19 prevention and response activities.

In view of the above, Horn Vision, as part of this project, is commissioning a subject matter expert to conduct COVID – 19 – related perceptions of youth online survey to document perceptions, knowledge, practices and attitudes of youth pertaining to COVID – 19 pandemic, awareness, risk control measures, response and prevention in Puntland.


  1. Project outputs/results:

The project results/components are as follows;

  • Output 1: Innovative ICT solutions are created by designing mass digital platforms through social media channels and dedicated online portals on COVID – 19 prevention and response.
  • Output2: Online information and feedback from youth and adolescent are collected to inform design and implementation of COVID – 19 behavioral change communications and response interventions.
  • Output 3: Meaningful engagement of adolescents and youth volunteers and self help groups in Covid 19 prevention and response interventions.
  • Output 4: Alternative livelihoods for adolescents and youth in streets and those from vulnerable communities production of locally made COVID-19 related protective gears such as masks and provide social welfare support through provision of one time take away meals.
  1. Purpose and objective of the assignment

The main purpose of the assignment is This study sought to establish knowledge levels, gaps and attitude of the youth with regards to COVID-19 and identify the effects of the pandemic on health seeking behavior and socioeconomic status of youth.

The following are the primary objectives of the assignment:

  • Determine the knowledge, attitude, and perceptions people have about COVID-19
  • Determine how people obtain information about COVID-19

The study will be helpful and used by both the government and the international organizations to gain insights into risk perception, knowledge, trusted sources of information, attitudes toward pandemic response initiatives and other variables to inform COVID-19 outbreak response measures, including policies, interventions and communications.

The secondary objectives of the study/survey are:

  • Contribute to post-outbreak evaluation, thereby contributing to the continued state/national efforts to better understand mechanisms of crisis response.
  • If additional research capacity is available, the data can be triangulated with data on media reporting, COVID-19 cases and other, etc.
  1. Scope of Work:

 In light of the above, Horn Vision aims to commission the consultant/consultancy firm to undertake the assignment in line with the purpose and the objectives highlighted above through:

  • Designing and implement an online survey on youth’s perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Recruit data entry and data quality subordinate staff to help in the entry, cleaning and collating data from the online application for the purpose of analysis and generating a report by the lead consultant.
  • Present a comprehensive report based on the findings of the online survey to draw recommendations and provide insight on further reprogramming and effective response to the pandemic from a youth perspective.
  1. Expected Deliverables:

The consultant/consultancy firm is required to ensure the following deliverable are achieved at the end of the assignment:

  • Develop an inception report detailing the process and methodologies to be employed to achieve the objective of this consultancy as stated above. It should include a detailed work plan for this exercise, and must be presented Horn Vision for review and further input;
  • Design the online survey using the most popular online survey machines, tools and applications to assess youth’s understanding and practices during the COVID – 19 pandemic.
  • Provide technical support to Horn Vision in the best ways of disseminating the survey questionnaire via online platforms and with engagement and collaboration with UPSHIFT youth groups previous supported by the project to ensure maximum youth are reached to express their views.
  • Develop a report highlighting research findings that can then be utilized for evidence based behavior and communication strategy for COVID – 19 pandemic prevention and response in Puntland state of Somalia and elsewhere.
  • Based on the findings of the survey, the consultant should highlight key recommendation that will help review existing awareness and communication methods with special focus on social media campaign and social mobilization which substantially engages beneficiaries of UNICEF supported UPSHIFT program that was implemented by Horn Vision.
  1. Methodology:
  • The consultant/consultancy firm will be required to provide a detailed methodology of how he/she/they will develop the strategy;
  • Undertake a desk review of the relevant project documents, including the Proposal, Results/Logical Frameworks, Implementation Plans, Project Implementation Reports, and any other relevant documents; to in order to understand the project better.
  • The consultant/consultancy firm should conduct research using the most effective and simplest online platform such as SurveyMonkey and or Google Survey Forms or any other application that it deems most suitable for the purposes of the assignment.


  1. Timelines/Work plan:









Draft an inception report


Inception report


3-5 days




Findings of the survey


3-5 days


Present findings


Meting            report  and recommendations


1 – 2 days



  1. Professional Requirements:


  • At least 5 years’ experience working in conducting survey including with special focus on designing and administering an online survey, reporting and similar undertakings for the UN and or INGOs.
  • Familiarity with, and a high level of up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the context of Somalia, especially Puntland State of Somalia.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills – ability to express complex information in a simple and succinct manner in English and Somali languages.
  • Strong qualitative research skills. Ideally with an ability to analyze complex qualitative data to provide an insightful and actionable report. Experienced in conducting online and computer modelled surveys and assessments.
  1. Reporting:

The consultant will report to the Executive Director of Horn Vision and UPSHIFT Program Manager in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia.  Further, the consultant may be required to attend meetings with other staff directly and or indirectly involved in the project as well as the relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

  1. How to apply:

Eligible applicants should submit their applications by November 1 2020 to the following email address:  [email protected] with subject line indicating “COVID – 19 – Related Perceptions of Youth Online Survey”. applications received after the deadline stated would not be considered.

NOTE: Horn Vision reserves the right to amend or change or cancel these terms at any time, if there are compelling reasons to do so.



  • Sundus isse ali 2 years ago

    You should raise awareness in the community whether it is the IDPs, the immigrants or the Ethiopian refugees.
    You should educate students in learning centers to wash their hands, close their noses, and do their fingertips when they go to the neighborhood.

  • Sundus isse ali 2 years ago

    Garowe or Puntland has made a huge impact on covide19, both in terms of education, jobs, and homelessness. This has had a huge impact on us, the youth of the country.
    2. In such a case, it is important to educate all the people living in the area that covide19 is dangerous and deadly and that Somalis ignore it and nothing can be said about it. This is where Somalis often praise him. The narrator says you think you are running away from something, so that’s how I expressed my feelings in covid19 a few words to Somalis and to a woman who listens to me.

    The caravan was crowded in a corner
    Thousands more to be quarantined
    Do not leave the stairs at home
    Meetings yareeyoo else so different
    This is not a joke, this is a joke
    Literature is the hallmark of this world
    Somalis, rise high, you are a lot of money

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