Awdal MPs & politicians in Hargeisa under pressure as one is expelled and another removed from the Chamber

Awdal MPs & politicians in Hargeisa under pressure as one is expelled and another removed from the Chamber

The political rupture in Hargeisa is no longer an intra Isaaq clan one between the dominant Garxajis clan and the ruling clan alliance of Baha Iidoor – Habar Awal and Habar Jeclo, but now between the ruling Kulmiye party run by President Muse Bihi and the last remaining non-Isaaq clan in the boiler, the Samaroon clan of Awdal region, their MPs and leading politicians suspected of being Blue Revolution sympathizers.

Ahmed Muumin Seed, a member of the Kulmiye Party executive committee, who hails from Awdal region of the Samaroon clan, has yesterday on his Facebook page posted a brief essay of the situation in Laascaanood and the immorality of Somaliland government in organizing rallies in Hargeisa and Burco supporting the war and bloodshed in Laascaanood.

“It is sad, embarrassing and frustrating that when the situation in the country is this bad to hold rallies, play music, and beat the drums of hopelessness and end of unity,” wrote politician Ahmed Muumin Seed of Kulmiye Party on his Facebook page.

For that daring statement while still in Hargeisa, the politician was immediately expelled from Kulmiye Party of President Bihi for the audacity to his speak his mind and tell the truth about the disfunction and the breakdown of law and order in Somaliland.

While the expulsion of Mr. Seed was the talk of the town in Hargeisa, and how people and politicians from Borama are being targeted for daring to speak up while in Hargeisa, the real action today was in the parliament chamber, and another rupture in Hargeisa.

MP Mohamed Abiib of Waddani Party, the leading Somaliland opposition party, has recently visited Borama to observe the situation in the region and to talk to his constituency. MP Abiib, upon return to Hargeisa to attend the day’s parliamentary proceedings, was called out by the first Deputy Speaker, Saeed Mire Gire. Banging his gavel and shouting angrily, the Deputy asked MP Abiib to choose one of two options: to apologize for daring to visit his constituency in Borama or to be kicked out of the parliamentary session. Refusing both options, MP Habib asked the deputy to explain what crime he committed?

The deputy said, “there is no need to explain anything,” and the MP was humiliated, removed from the chamber, ordered not to return until further notice, and the session ended in chaos. A Twitter post by Eng. Khalid explains the targeting and the humiliation of the MP from Awdal.

After the parliamentary session ended in chaos, MP Mohamed Abiib once again took to his Facebook page and posted the followingAn elected member of parliament, whose purpose is to represent and find solutions to the problems of his society and government to simply be told, “we are not impressed by your speech, you cannot sit in the session,” shows the level of contempt directed against the people of Awdal. I don’t represent myself alone, but represent a whole region and people. And this contempt and disrespect is one directed against my people, the people of Awdal I represent.”

As the Blue Revolution in Borama collects steam and gains strength, it is expected the attacks against people and politicians in Hargeisa who hail from Awdal region to increase. Vice President Saylici was sent few days ago to quell the unrest in Borama, and busloads of youth from Hargeisa are being bused to Borama to intimidate the local youth.

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