Abdi Washara,Youth leader in Aysha, shot dead by military sniper for a daring statement

Abdi Washara,Youth leader in Aysha, shot dead by military sniper for a daring statement

Abdi Abdillahi, known as Abdi Washara, was today deliberately shot dead by an Ethiopian military sniper after he came out of a community meeting in Aysha with the ENDF Commanding General in Sitti Zone responsible for putting down the uprising in the Somali zone.

Earlier today, Somali protesters in Aysha blocked the strategically important road connecting Djibouti and Ethiopia. The Somali civilians were protesting against the Ethiopian army and the Afar militias in taking part the massacres and displacement of ethnic Somalis in Sitti zone. The commanding officer called a community meeting to discuss the situation. Abdi Washara, a key participant in that meeting, without fear addressed the Ethiopian army and told the Commanding General that, “your army is responsible for displacing the people of Cundhufo, Garbaciise and Cadeyti. You brought them here with nothing on their backs. Today they are IDPs in Aysha. Take them back to their homes. Take them back on your army trucks. We will not stop protesting till you take them back to their homes. We are aren’t afraid of you and your army.”

Buux Axmed, another Aysha youth member spoke after Abdi Washara and repeated a similar message.

As the meeting ended without an agreement, both came out of the meeting and walked few minutes from the meeting location, walking side-by-side, they were both hit with silent bullets and both dropped dead, without a word and without fear.

It was the beginning of a deadly day in Aysha. More people were shot dead on sight, others were picked up and thrown in military trucks, only to be found, within hours, dead on the side of the road.

Picture: Somalis displaced from Adeytu, Garba Issa and Undufo forced on military trucks 

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