Soomaaliya: Fursad Lataliye NRC (Consultancy Somalia)

Soomaaliya: Fursad Lataliye NRC (Consultancy Somalia)

Fursaddu waxa ay ku egtahay 10 Diseenbar 2017. Faahfaahinta fursadda Lataliyaha NRC hoos arag habka arjidana HALKAN RIIX.



1.2  Purpose of the consultancy

The primary objective of the consultancy is to evaluate implementation and establish the overall impact of the cash programming, implemented by the CASH alliance in Somalia, with the aim of drawing succinct learning and lessons easily adaptable for the subsequent CASH Alliance Programming as a response to the ongoing Somalia Pre-Famine Emergency. This evaluation and learning exercise will investigate on the social capital in Somalia versus the cash channelled – how the cash is being utilized and its overall social impact on the targeted population. The learning will also assess the value addition of working as an alliance vis-à-vis working as individual organizations. The evaluation will assess the efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and impact of the ECHO funded cash transfers implemented by the Alliance members


An evaluation and learning report on: (i) answering the main questions of the evaluation, (ii) outlining main lessons learnt during the planning, implementation and monitoring phases of the project and (iii) proposing future directions.


The consultant will work under the supervision of the Head of Programme/Emergency Manager. The consultant will work closely with the community leaders and members, CASH alliance beneficiaries and project staff of the 5 Cash Alliance partners in sampled representative target districts to undertake the following assignments:

  • Assess the impact of the gatekeepers on the programme- positive, negative, lessons learnt to inform and make the recommendations for the next possible programme implementation
  • Look at the impact/outcomes of the cash transfers on non-food items for example linkages of CASH to nutrition, education etc. to help us derive information that will give us good impact linkages
  • Draw learning on impact with special emphasis to areas in the south where partners don’t have access, referencing to the technology usage and access reach-the use of mobile transfers etc
  • Investigate on the social capital vs cash channelled-the real scenarios, how the cash is being utilized and its overall social impact on the targeted population:
  1. The imbalances with other sectors e.g. Nutrition, education versus transfer values:
  2. Are MEBs realistic per HHs? If there is a possible suggestion on it.
  3. Many HHs sizes doubled at the height of the drought- what’s does it mean vs a focus on sustaining caseloads with fluctuating MEBs. Stronger recommendation pitch to give
  4. Confirm the quest for multipurpose cash that will also inform/formulate the recommendations to ECHO on whether MEBs should determine the transfer values considering the underpinning issues on ground?
  • Assess the appropriateness of the cash delivery system verses other approaches: specifically mobile money vs Hawalla vs food vouchers (WFP Scope). This would consider factors such as beneficiary mobility, empowerment, preference and access in hard-to-reach areas (security)
  • Assess the success or otherwise of introducing a more unified and harmonised cash transfer programme including harmonised transfer value, registry, targeting, delivery mechanism (mobile money) and common M&E framework.