Puntland, Galmudug, Somaliland: Fursad shaqo CARE – ESL Teacher Training Manual consultancy

Puntland, Galmudug, Somaliland: Fursad shaqo CARE – ESL Teacher Training Manual consultancy

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Interested candidates should send the following documents to Care International at [email protected] on or before 5thof September 2018.

  1. Technical and financial proposal
  2. Cvs for the applicants
  3. Profile for the consulting firm – This is applicable to for firms only.
  4. Reports and recommendations on similar assignments done.


Development of English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher Training Manual

Somali Girls Education Promotion Project Transition (SOMGEP-T)

Kobcinta Waxbarashada Gabdhaha


The DFID Funded Somali Girls Education Promotion Transition (SOMGEP-T) project is part of the overall program of CARE Somalia focusing on vulnerable rural women.

The Project – Kobcinta Waxbarashada Gabdhaha in Somali project aimed at increasing access to education, improve learning outcomes, retention and transition of girls from some of the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalized households in remote and rural areas of Somaliland, Puntland and Galmudug.

Objective of the TOR

SOMGEP-T’s intervention focuses on boosting teaching/learning and improving the overall learning achievements for the marginalized and vulnerable girls in the remote and rural communities in Somaliland, Puntland and Galmudug. The project is working on enhancing teachers’ skills in English language by addressing specific gaps identified including teaching English language as a subject and teaching in English as a medium of instruction (second language) in primary schools and secondary schools. The project targets to support marginalized girls to acquire strong foundational skills in literacy and fluency in English language to enable them participate favorably in secondary education or post primary institutions.

SOMGEP-T aims at improving learning achievement for girls enrolled in primary and secondary schools in the rural communities. Responding to the gaps identified during the first phase of the project, SOMGEP-T intends to enhance the teachers’ skills in English language. Teachers will be supported through training to improve teachers’ capacity to teach English as a subject and teaching in English which is the medium of instruction for upper primary and secondary school curricular.

It is expected that the training will enhance desired transformational change in teaching English as a subject and using English as a medium of instruction in both primary and secondary schools. The project seeks an expert to develop English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher training manual targeting both primary and secondary school teachers.

Scope of Work

The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

a) Hold meetings with relevant MOE departments and Project staff to discuss key issues on training teachers on English Language.

b) Review relevant MOE policy documents, Formal Curricula, and other relevant documents available.

c) Develop English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher training manual using activity-based/interactive approaches.

d) Harmonize the contents of the manuals to ensure uniformity in structure and content organization with the existing project manuals.

e) Do a presentation on content developed to MOE/project staff.

f) Share the draft manuals for review and input by MOE/project staff.

g) Conduct training of trainers (TOT) on ESL for selected MOE and Project staff who will be tasked to roll out the teacher training program.

Time Frame

The consultancy will be for a maximum of 30 days effective from date of signing of the contract.


  1. English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher training manual.
  2. Presentation to MOE/project staff on content developed.
  3. Training of trainers (TOT) on ESL

Preferred Qualifications:


  • A degree in education from a recognized institution of higher learning. A major in English language is preferred.

· Extensive experience in teacher training especially in English language teaching methods and subject content.

· Experience in developing training manuals including teacher support materials in English as a second language (ESL)

  • Understanding of education in a developing post-conflict country.
  • Good understanding of education in Somali context.

· Good understanding of Education Policies and Quality Assurance and standards.

· Excellent analytical and conceptual skills to think and plan strategically

· Ability to manage a demanding workload and strict adherence to timelines provided.