Muqdisho: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Isuduwe Mashruuca ICLA

Muqdisho: Fursad Shaqo NRC – Isuduwe Mashruuca ICLA

Fursaddu waxa ay ku egtahay 25 Nov 2017. Faahfaahinta hoos araga ama HALKAN RIIX.


ICLA Project Coordinator – Mogadishu (National Position) – Somalia

Job description

Line management of CC project field staff
Adherence to NRC policies, guidance and procedures
Contribute to CC strategy development, project proposals and provide input on needs and gaps
Manage and implement delegated portfolio of ICLA projects (activities, budget and project documentation) as delegated from PM in line with proposals, strategies and donor requirements, and ensure high technical quality
Provide regular progress reports to PM (AM and CCS if no PM)
Ensure that projects target beneficiaries most in need of protection, explore and asses new and better ways to assist
Promote and share ideas for improvement and necessary changes in the activities
Ensure capacity building of project staff and transfer key skills
Represent, Liaise and collaborate with relevant local authorities and other key stakeholders including Protection cluster, Shelter clusters and The HLP Sub-cluster.
Promote the rights of IDPs/returnees in line with the advocacy strategy
Undertake regular visits to IDP camps, local authorities, and partners (as and when security allows) and government officials to identify needs and provide support through legal assistance, capacity building and advocacy.
Identify knowledge gaps and needs of IDPs, partners and other key stakeholders relevant to ICLA thematic areas.
Identify external resources as required in consultation with ICLA Project Manager.
In consultation with the ICLA Project Manager, develop and implement a training Schedule and organize all logistical needs
Conduct trainings and induction to new staff joining NRC and local partners on ICLA.
Compile ICLA activity reports
To develop best practice documentation on methodologies and techniques
Facilitate training and awareness sessions on HLP
Budget and administrative responsibility for geographic and/or thematic areas as within the ICLA project identified by the PM.
Implementation of the ICLA project in accordance with agreement applicable to the grant from the donor(s) and NRC principles and ways of work.
Identify national staff to implement the projects objectives.
Ensure that activities are in line with budget lines and limitations.
Monitor, evaluate and suggest changes and improvements in the project and materials based on observations and discussions with the ICLA staff and the PM.
Prepare monthly summary reports for Project Managers Programme report.
Document technical issues and questions, and report to the PM.
Communicate with and obtain necessary agreements and understanding from local authorities and partners in the areas of responsibility determined by the PM in line with the NRC protocol for communication.
Communicate, exchange information and co-operate with relevant external actors in the areas of responsibility determined by the PM.
Communicate and coordinate work and tasks with the UN system in general and UNHCR in particular in the areas of responsibility determined by the PM.