Mogadishu: Fursad Shaqo UNOPS – Head of Programme

Mogadishu: Fursad Shaqo UNOPS – Head of Programme

Fursaddu waxa ay ku egtahay 30ka Ogoosto 2018. Habka arjida HALKAN RIIX, faahfaahintana hoos arag.


Functional Responsibilities

Reporting directly to the Senior Programme Manager of the Somalia Mine Action Programme, the Head of Programme will have overall management responsibility for programme delivery throughout Somalia, and UNMAS representational duties with UNSOM, UNSOS and UNCT at senior management level on explosive hazard management issues. In the absence of the Senior Programme Manager, the Head of Programme will act as the Deputy Programme Manager and can expect to represent UNMAS at regular meetings of the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG); the Security Management Meeting; the Senior Management Group; the Crisis Management Group; and the United Nations Country Team.

The Head of Programme will play a critical role in the management of the programme office and development and implementation of strategies and practices necessary to develop the Programme further for the implementation of projects, while meeting and exceeding the organization’s performance and delivery goals. The Head of Programme will be a senior manager within the Programme structure, with overall responsibility for a broad portfolio of competencies and capabilities with significant expected growth across various performance indicators. S/he will be responsible for the following functions:

Summary of Key Functions :

1. Programme Management and Coordination
Proactively monitor the Programme’s overall progress;
Identify risks/issues and initiate corrective action as appropriate while also ensuring that these are escalated to the Director in a timely manner as and when required;
Implement Project Cycle Management systems in line with UNOPS processes;
Coordinate the reporting to donors and ensure Smart Sheet is maintained as a knowledge management and reporting tool for all projects;
Ensure projects are aligned to UNMAS multi-year strategy, Theory of Change and mission strategic processes;
Ensure Project and Programme Implementation Plans are continually updated and interdependencies between projects are promoted;
Ensure successful delivery of new capabilities as per the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) standard;
Ensure that the delivery of outputs/outcomes or services from the projects meet programme requirements in line with the programme blueprint and projects dossier, and is to the appropriate quality, on time and within budget;
Ensure outcomes and impact orientated programming is promoted and processes are developed to monitor impact of project implementation;
M&E processes are implemented to improve project delivery and quality is continually enhanced through documentation of lessons learned;
Manage the Programme Management Office (PMO) to ensure knowledge management is institutionalized;
Mentor and assist the Project Managers with planning, execution and delivery of allocated projects/service agreements, ensuring capturing of lessons learned and incorporation of best practice project management in the service delivery processes;
Mainstream Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in project and programme processes and ensure staff awareness is enhanced;
Develop standard project management and service costing tools, and develop the project management and technical skills of the Project Managers and other project personnel;
Develop and drive a culture of excellence, continuous improvement and performance optimization across all projects;
Identify potential new business, customer opportunities and fundraising possibilities supporting the work of the Senior Progamme Manager;
Develop and maintain a close working relationship with donors, Governments and clients; and
Report progress of the programme at regular intervals to the Senior Programme Manager.
2. Fiscal Responsibilities

Manage the programme’s budget, monitor the expenditures and costs as the programme progresses;
Coordinate budget and project tracking processes and provide timely and accurate project update, expenditure overview and ensure timely decisions are taken with the Senior Programme Manager as and when required;
Coordinate activities with the Head of Support to ensure prograrme and support are working in a complementary manner;
Provide guidance and oversight to the Programme Office (PO) with overall resource planning for the programme;
Provide strategic advice on the development of resource mobilisation strategies, in full compliance with UNOPS pricing policy, with a disciplined approach to business case development and pricing models which balances revenues and development capacity, within the mandate and spirit of the United Nations;
Supervise the development of revenue and expenditure forecasts based on established financial goals;
Responsible for certifying and authorizing disbursements.
3. Technical Functions

Ultimately responsible for the delivering capabilities and relevant outcomes of the Programme, meeting and exceeding donor and client expectations;
Research, identify, and introduce appropriate new technologies to assist delivery of capabilities and outcomes across the programme;
Plan, develop, implement and maintain appropriate standards, best practices and procedures across the programme.