Laascaanood: The OCHA Flash update 3 is false

Laascaanood: The OCHA Flash update 3 is false

In a press release responding to a false UNOCHA flash report on the situation of the displaced from Laascaanood war, SSC Consultative Committee has accused UNOCHA of releasing a false report that is said to be written by the UNOCHA Hargeisa team.

The SSC presser stated that “The OCHA Flash update 3 has stated that some of the displaced families reside in Caynaba, Qorilugud and Hargeisa which is entirely false.”

Given the nature of the conflict in Laascaanood, which is described as a ‘clan cleansing war’, it is entirely impossible for the displaced people of Dhulbahante who are targeted for being Dhulbahante to seek safety in Hargeisa, Qorilugud or Caynaba.

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