Gedo: Fursad Shaqo Trocaire – IYCF KAP SURVEY CONSULTANCY

Gedo: Fursad Shaqo Trocaire – IYCF KAP SURVEY CONSULTANCY

Fursadda TROCAIRE ee gobolka Gedo (Luuq, Dollow, Bulla Hawo) waxa ay ku egtahay 3da Siteenbar, habka arjida iyo faahfaahinta hoos arag:


1. Background

Trocaire Somalia is implementing a health and nutrition program, funded by the Irish-Aid, in four districts of Gedo region of Somalia (Luuq, Dollow, Bulla Hawo). The program has been running since 2013 and is built on 4 pillars;

  • Management of SAM and MAM cases,
  • Health & nutrition prevention and promotion through Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) program,
  • Monitoring & surveillance
  • Capacity building for health workers.

IYCF is a preventive approach which was incorporated at the onset of the program to form the basis of service delivery/interventions throughout the programme cycle. In April 2016, Trócaire commissioned a KAP survey to establish a baseline that would guide in measuring progress to assess the effectiveness and relevance of the program interventions. The baseline informed the development of the IYCF approach to be used in the program, which included robust community participation to improve knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP) of primary caregivers of Infants and Young Children.

It on this premise that Trócaire is planning for a IYCF KAP survey to measure progress made by the program so far.

2. Scope of Work

The Consultant will be responsible for 1.) Development of a comprehensive survey protocol before onset of the assignment, 2.)Development of a brief inception report, 3.) Review of existing program documents (including but not limited to narratives and baseline (KAP) survey reports), 4.) Review and modification of existing data collection tools, 5.) Data collection & management, development of draft and final report and 6.) General oversight of the assessment process. This will allow a comprehensive analysis of the progress of the IYCF KAP using both quantitative indicator estimations, program information over the years and qualitative data to be collected. The KAP survey will be district based, focusing on key program indicators of Health and Nutrition focusing on IYCF; including child health, immunization coverage, Initiation of breastfeeding, exclusive breast feeding (EBF), complementary feeding and hygiene and sanitation.

3. Objectives

3.1 Main objectives

Measure the level of knowledge, attitude and practice of primary caregivers of children under five in areas of maternal and child health and nutrition.

3.2 Specific Objectives

  1. To estimate standard IYCF indicators of Early initiation, EBF, Continuous breastfeeding to 1 year and 2 years, timely introduction of complementary feeding, Dietary diversity, Meal frequency and minimum acceptable diet
  2. To measure the level of knowledge of primary caregivers of children under five in maternal and child health and nutrition related issues
  3. To establish the nutrition practices of children under five
  4. To identify knowledge gaps, cultural beliefs or behavioural patterns and practices that create barriers to infant and young child feeding and care practices.
  5. To assess the overall community promotion approach and knowledge and skills of Community Nutrition Workers

4. Study Area and Methodology

The survey will be conducted in Gedo region of Somalia, in two districts of Dolow and Luuq The survey will combine quantitative and qualitative methods including household interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Key Informant Interviews and Observations for triangulation and gathering of community norms and beliefs. The study participants will include, but not limited to, care givers of under 5s in OTP/TSFP sites, women of child bearing age, grandmothers, traditional birth attendants, men and Trócaire community frontline workers. The survey report should clearly have segregated data and information for both IDP and host population.

5. Specific tasks for the consultant

  1. Develop and submit inception report (Protocol) which will include an interpretation of the tasks and study design & methodologies, sampling procedures, detailed work plan and financial proposal.
  2. Develop appropriate tools and instruments for gathering information by using ODK (open data kit) and present original copy to Trocaire Meal officer
  3. Develop and Present a Detailed Survey Protocol to the Somalia Aim Working group for validation.
  4. Conduct a desk review (nutrition Survey reports, Baseline report and Trocaire Quarterly reports, monthly reports.) relevant to the survey.
  5. Conduct KAP survey: Train data enumerators and ensure quality of data being collected on daily basis. Undertake KII and FGD with key stakeholders in the field.
  6. General Oversight and Coordination of the survey process including logistical arrangements for data collection in collaboration with Zonal coordinators.
  7. Process and analyse the data, submit the draft report and present the findings at the AIM WG. Revise the report and based on the AIM and internal Trocaire technical feedback, submit a final report to the nutrition coordinator and MEAL Officer
  8. Develop actionable recommendations context based which include specific recommendations based on evidence at district level.
  9. A multiyear recommendation is required (3 years 2019-2021) with clear milestones guiding on key areas of focus during the entire period.
  10. The Activity is planned for September/ Early October 2018.

6. Timelines



Desk review -2 days

Travel to and from the field – 2 days

Orientation in the field – 2 days

Training and organizing survey team – 5 days

Data collection -5 days

Data analysis and 1st draft – 5 days

Presentation at AIM WG 1 day

Final Report – 1 day

Final submission – 4 days

Total – 27 days

7. Qualifications and Technical Knowledge/Experience Required

  1. Minimum 5 years’ experience in Public Health, Nutrition and related fields. (Experience in Somalia context is desirable).
  2. Demonstrated experience in conducting Nutrition and health assessments (experience of a similar assignment in Somalia will be an advantage).
  3. Solid analytical, result based planning, report writing, communication and diplomacy skills with ability to correlate different data sets to actionable conclusions.
  4. English language skills (report should be written in English). Ability to make clear presentations and disseminate findings to both technical and non-technical audience.

8. Final KAP Survey Format

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background of Study
  3. Literature review
  4. Methodology
  5. Results
  6. Recommendations/Propositions on improvement/ adjustment to program strategy and implementation approach based on the findings
  7. Annexes
  8. Bibliography

9. How to Apply:

Applications Interested candidates should present an application as follows:

  1. A Technical inception report detailing: – Consultant/s profile, Understanding of the tasks as stipulated in the TOR, Proposed study design and methodology and Proposed plan of survey execution.
  2. A Financial proposal with a detailed budget considering the details in the ToR and timelines therein.

The application should be submitted to [email protected] indicating ‘**Trócaire Somalia KAP Survey**’ as the subject. Deadline for submission is Close of Business on Monday 3rd Sep 2018.