Garoowe: Fursad Shaqo UNSOM – Sarkaal Hawlgalka

Garoowe: Fursad Shaqo UNSOM – Sarkaal Hawlgalka

Fursaddu waxay ay dhacaysaa 16ka Akt 2017. Faahfaahinta iyo habka arjida HALKAN RIIX.



Within delegated authority, and under the guidance of the Senior Mission Planning Officer, the Mission Planning Officer P-4 will be responsible for performing the following duties:

• Conducts analysis, formulates recommendations and drafts segments of documents in order to assist UN senior management to develop, implement, and monitor strategies to maximise the individual and collective impact of the UN’s response in the country of deployment, concentrating on mandated tasks and activities required to consolidate peace, through a strategic partnership between the Mission and the UN Country Team.
• Supports the revision of a Mission Concept, which, building on the vision of the SRSG, translates the mission mandated tasks into a form that fuses objectives, timelines and expected outcomes into a coherent whole, serving as an authoritative guide for the development and implementation of Mission component plans as needed.
• Provides advice to Mission components in development of component-level plans at the national and/or regional level, to ensure coherence with the Mission’s overall strategic direction and relevant plans and policies developed by/for Somalia.
• Provides advice to senior management and programme managers on strategic and operational planning policy, procedures and best practices, particularly the UN Policy on Integrated Assessment and Planning (IAP); provides recommendations on design of specific planning tools and mechanisms, in line with policy and best practice, to meet the needs of the Mission and partners.
• With all relevant stakeholders, facilitates the development and implementation of an UN Integrated Strategic Framework for peace consolidation in the country, including a system for monitoring and evaluation of progress by conducting conflict analysis and making suggestions on priorities and roles for the United Nations.
• Requests, analyses and drafts inputs to the Mission Results-Based Budget (RBB) framework and performance reports, and prepare inputs as required for audits, budget monitoring and performance reporting.
• Through influence and consensus building, facilitates joint and integrated planning between Mission components, UNCT members, AU and AMISOM in the regions in accordance with the IAP guidelines and senior management guidance.
• As directed by the Mission leadership, designs and facilitate development of other strategies and plans required for implementation of the Mission’s mandate;
• Develops and maintains productive partnerships with mission components, UNCT members, bilateral and multilateral partners and relevant government counterparts;
• Provides substantive and practical support to Steering Committees, working groups, as well as related planning activities, meetings and events;
• Identifies and analyzes potential issues for a common UN approach through policy, advocacy and/or programming efforts;
• In conjunction with partners supports the development, implementation and monitoring of peace-building frameworks;
• Prepares background notes, options papers, code cables and input for reports of the Secretary-General as well as briefing notes and analytical papers for Senior Leadership.
• Performs other duties as required.


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