Gaalkacyo: Fursad Shaqo IRC – Talobixiye Arrimaha Dab-dhaliyaha Qorraxda (Solar Power)

Gaalkacyo: Fursad Shaqo IRC – Talobixiye Arrimaha Dab-dhaliyaha Qorraxda (Solar Power)

Fursaddu waxay ku egtahay 31 May 2017.  Faahfaahinta hoos ka arag iyo emailka qandaraaska.


If you feel you/your organization fit the required profile and are available for the assignment
Please submit a short technical proposal providing detailed budget breakdown, along with brief technical bio data of the core team members and evidence of similar work undertaken recently. Submit via email to [email protected]

Only accredited institutions should apply.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Application Deadline: 31st May, 2017


The objective of this consultancy is training and capacity building for government and IRC staff on solar system design for water supply to enable:

  • Suitable Submersible cable sizing
  • Solar array and battery sizing.
  • Solar Lighting
  • Pump motors
  • Control panels & protective devices
  • Generator deration and power cable sizing.
  • Pipeline design using Colebrook-White chart
  • Pump total dynamic head determination

2.Main Goal

The primary goal aims at strengthening the skills and to build the capacity of the IRC staff and local authority for the design and use of solar lights at household level, street lights, design appropriate sizing pumps, inverters and sizing of the installation of solar panels for pumping water from deep boreholes and shallow wells and water supply in order to improve the lives of IRC beneficiaries of communities in urban and rural areas in Mudug and Nugal regions.

3. Main Tasks

The consultant will train 10 persons in Galkacyo IRC field office & develop a simple but comprehensive manual for sizing & designing solar system for deep boreholes. The institution will specifically have briefing and debriefing meetings with IRC at the commencement and conclusion of the training.

4. Key Deliverables Expected (in 7 days): 4 days of training, 2 days of travels and 1 day of report writing

· Simple step by step manual for sizing & designing solar system for boreholes

· Capacitated 10 IRC staff and line ministry staff.

· Staff are provided with various software for selecting components of pumping, solar, pipeline and generator systems. And these are WEBCAPS/**WINDCAPS** software for Grundfos pumps, and COMPASS for Lorentz

· Staff are also provided with spread sheet software for the following activities:

  • Submersible pump capacity sizing
  • Cable sizing
  • Solar array and battery sizing.
  • Generator deration and power cable sizing.
  • Pipeline design using Colebrook-White chart
  • Pump total dynamic head determination.

· Simulations for sizing these technology with field data shared by IRC staff is carried out.

5. Education Required Skills and Experience

  • A credible institution with qualified staff with relevant qualifications in installation of solar system and experience in training INGOS and local governments
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of solar energy system to reform generator powered water pumping into solar powered pumping water.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in training
  • Sound understanding and application of training and mentorship concepts, methodologies and tools.
  • Good analytical and report writing skills.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Good leadership, communication and facilitation skills.

6. Minimum criteria for submission of the proposal for the BID

The institution should submit a technical and a financial proposal and is expected to demonstrate that it has a track record of not less than five (5) years of experience executing similar assignments.

As part of the inception report, provide a detailed mode of work, methodology, key information sources to be used, and institutions / organizations to be consulted in undertaking the task.

Qualifications as specified in section (5) and proven experience in conducting such assignments.

7. Contractual issues

The IRC will provide the following at no cost to the consultant:

  • Travel costs (to and from – Nairobi and within Somalia). However no costs associated with preparing the application including proposal submission will be met by IRC.
  • The consultant / team must comply with the IRC rules and procedures related to security and relations with the media.
  • The consultant/ team must respect the ethics related to evaluation practice.
  • Accommodation and food (IRC guests House in Galkacyo)
  • Security would be provided and organized by the IRC team.

Documents of reference (To be availed by IRC)
Relevant project documents as deemed necessary


The consultant will work closely with IRC’s EH Coordinator as Focal person for this activity to liaise IRC staff with Consultant and local authority and liaise with the IRC Field team in Galkacyo and Garowe Somalia.


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