Gaalkacyo: Fursad Shaqo DRC – Consultancy for Development of Livelihood strategies

Gaalkacyo: Fursad Shaqo DRC – Consultancy for Development of Livelihood strategies

Fursaddu waxa ay ku egtahay 22ka Maarso 2018. Faahfaahinta hoos arag, habka arjiduna waa sidan:
1) CV(s) with details of qualifications and experience indicating documentation of relevant assignments undertaken, and including full contact details of three professional referees.

2) Technical proposal that summarizes understanding of the TOR including the proposed methodology.

3) Financial proposal providing cost estimates of daily consultancy fees.

4) The foreseen work plan.

The application package consisting of the elements stated above should be submitted in electronic version to [email protected] indicating Food Security & livelihood strategies for Galkayo” by 22.03.2018


Key Responsibilities

The Consultant/consultancy firm, in cooperation and consultation with DRC field staff, other livelihood implementing partners in the Galkaayo, the various sectors of the local administration, beneficiary communities and other stakeholders, will conduct the study and produce an independent livelihood assessment report.

The scope of work of this livelihood assessment is as follows:

i. Review of existing livelihoods related information, studies, project reports and identification of livelihoods intervention under the project area;

ii. Collection of additional data on livelihoods and socio-economic conditions of the total project area;

iii. Description of the relevant financial institutional, legal and policy framework for food security and livelihood sectors;

iv. Assess of the potential impacts of livelihood activities on the wellbeing or lives of the refugees and social components both qualitatively and as well as quantitatively;

v. Preparation of livelihood strategic plan for the IDPs camps/Refugees/Asylum seekers /Host Communities in and ways to improve the enhancement, incorporation of multi-sectoral approach and monitoring plan of livelihood interventions;

vi. Identification of the risk factor to livelihood activities in the refugee camps and any remedial measures and identify further steps towards sustainability of the projects; and

vii. Develop a comprehensive food security and livelihoods strategy plan in Galkayo 2018-2020.

4. DRC/DDG’s responsibilities

The consultant will report to the DRC Food Security and Livelihoods Manager and closely coordinate field activities with the Puntland Program Coordinator, FSL-Coordinator and M7E Officer. The M& Manager will provide support on a case to case basis. DRC staff in the evaluation areas will provide necessary support to the team, as may be needed. The Consultant shall provide updates on progress as requested.

DRC will provide the following to the lead consultant:

  • All necessary project documents and any other soft support as requested by the consultant
  • DRC is not responsible any logistical support during the assignments of the consultant work.
  • Pay consultancy fees at a mutually agreed rate.

The terms and conditions of service will follow DRC terms of consultancies. Payment will be done according to the finance procedures of DRC/DDG.

5. Reporting Arrangements

The consultant shall work under the direct supervision of DRC Somalia Food Security and Livelihood Manager with administrative oversight of the Deputy Country Director, Somalia Program.


It is anticipated that the assessment will take 30 days from the date of signing the Contract, The Consultant/Consultancy firm should develop a feasible costed work plan/activity schedule covering an approximately 30 days and submit as integral part of the proposal for this consultancy.


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