Ayanle Blakchai – “Second Class”: Hees “Dabaqadda 2aad” – Abwaan Ayaanle Blakchai (Minneapolis, USA)

Ayanle Blakchai – “Second Class”: Hees “Dabaqadda 2aad” – Abwaan Ayaanle Blakchai (Minneapolis, USA)

“Second Class” (2016) is a spoken word piece from Blakchai’s upcoming album. It is the literal and a metaphorical illustration of belonging and isolation. Directed by @Azim Elmi of Hills and Wells Production

Hoos kaga bogo heesta Abwaan Blakchai:

Ayanle “Blakchai” is a Somali spoken word artist, playwright, actor, and a former hip hop artist who has found the immense strength, love and power in poetry. He represents a generation of pioneering performance artists in the Somali diaspora, with a remarkable journey to capture a story. A story of many influences and beautiful chaos, shadowed by a dominant media narrative. Among many influences of tradition and modern literature, his fire comes from the American poet Langston Hughes, and the melodic contours of the late Somali writer and political activist Careys Ciise Kaarshe. Not long after he authored his signature piece “The Heart and the Mind” (2008), he has performed in many Colleges, Universities, performance venues and soon sharing a stage with Mark Gonzales of Def Jam Poetry Seattle, WA. Blakchai has studied under award winning playwright and Artistic Director of Pangea World Theater” Dipankar Mukherjee from Calcutta, India. He has appeared in many productions such as “The Chronicles Of The Diaspora” (2016), “Home, Guri, Casa” (2015) and is currently directing “Siyaasada Maanta” (The Politics Of Today 2016). Ayanle hope to heal, inspire, and promote social justice through the political art of spoken word. He is currently working on a new album, with artists he refuses to mention, and title that is yet to be released. Ayanle lives and works out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.