AMISOM will not vacate grounds recovered from Al Shabaab, vows AU Special Representative

Sabti, Luuliyo 04, 2015 (Daljir) —The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia and Head of AMISOM, Ambassador Maman Sidikou, has noted with concern the falsehoods being circulated by some media organizations claiming that AMISOM forces are vacating towns and other locations which had been recovered from Al-Shabaab.

Ambassador Sidikou would like to affirm that AMISOM troops are not being withdrawn from any town or location which will in effect allow Al-Shabaab to return and brutalize peace-loving Somali citizens as they had previously done before AMISOM and the Somalia National Army (SNA) forces liberated these towns and locations.

“AMISOM and the SNA are currently re-adjusting and re-organizing troop deployments in order to revitalize an already effective strategy that has enabled the recovery, consolidation ,expansion and control of over eighty percent of South Central Somalia by the Federal Government (FGS). This joint exercise by the AMISOM and the SNA leaderships will revitalize our joint operations against Al- Shabaab and further enhance security for our Somali brothers and sisters to continue to go about their lives in peace, safety and security.” Ambassador Sidikou has said.

Ambassador Sidikou advises all Somalis to disregard this alarming falsehood aimed at creating fear in their minds and to also depict AMISOM in bad light.


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